Last days in DC

This week my internship came to an end. We had a lovely farewell lunch with my co-workers, and a last celebratory afternoon meeting to kick off the Christmas holiday for everyone. I feel like it all ended too soon. It always takes some time to settle in and get a hang of things, and then when you feel like you know what you’re doing and the city you live in feels like home, then it suddenly just ends. But in a way, the feeling that you’re not ready to go back home yet is also a sign of the good times you’ve had and the great people you’ve got to know. I feel very fortunate to have been able to live and work in DC this fall – I’ve had the time of my life. This is a truly great city!

For my last days here, my boyfriend flew in from Finland and we spent a few days doing things I hadn’t had the time to do yet: we visited the House Gallery, the Supreme Court, the National Museum of American History, the International Spy Museum, and Union Market, just to name a few. Tomorrow it’s time to leave for now – we are renting a car and heading south. Another adventure awaits!

This blog is not finished though – there are still things I wish to write about, so I’ll try to get around to do it after our trip!


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