Smooth landing

When I write this, my first blog post, I’ve spent three weeks in the US. First, two weeks traveling along the East Coast, and now one week living in DC, working at a think tank specialized in international relations. These weeks have felt both long and short. Long, because so much has happened in what seems like such a short time, and short because, well, time flies when you have fun.

I’ll write a separate post about the East Coast roadtrip, but I can already say that there was a major advantage in arriving in the States a few weeks earlier before work started, just to land on my feet. I had the privilege of traveling with my boyfriend, who, having already lived in the US for half a year before, was an expert on everything from where to get the best internet plan for your mobile, to at which fast food restaurants someone who doesn’t eat meat can find something to eat. The latter expertise came in especially handy when we were on the road, having to find some dinner before checking in at a roadside motel.

I’ve been to the US twice before. The first time was actually traveling to DC, as I had a long layover on my way to Mexico. The second time I traveled to San Diego and Los Angeles in California, visiting my boyfriend who lived there at the time. Moving to a city where you’ve been before, even for the shortest of time, is also something which makes it easier to settle.

All in all, I have had a smooth landing to my life in DC, and I can’t wait to explore what this city has to offer!


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