Go Nats!

The Washington Nationals are World Series Champions 2019!

I have been having a crash course in baseball for the past few weeks, because the Washington Nationals team made their way to the World Series final! They played a total of seven games against Huoston Astros from, well, Huoston, Texas. And what a final it has been!

The whole series final itself was historical, because it was the first time the visiting team has won all seven final games in MLB, NBA and NHL history. After last season, the Nats also traded their player Bryce Harper – the youngest unanimous MVP in baseball history – to Philadelphia Phillies for a deal worth $330 million. In May this year, the Nats had a calculated chance of 1.5% of winning the series. Finally, this was also the first time the Nats has won the World Series Championship, ever! The last time Washington, D.C. saw their team win the series was in 1924, and at the time the team was called the Washington Senators.

Quite the progress the Nats have made this season!

So, I’ve learned a lot about baseball during the past weeks. My roommate has been patient with explaining the rules of baseball over and over again, and we even went to watch the game outside of the National Park in Navy Yard, at an outdoor area called The Bullpen. The night before I had also watched game number 4 together with some Finnish interns. Both games were played here in DC, so the Nats lost these games. Then they played game number 6 in Huoston, and then game number 7, which was the final, also in Huoston. I watched the last innings of game 7 (the equivalent word for inning in Finnish pesäpallo would be jakso – I’m learning a totally new sports vocabulary in English) at home. Then the Nats suddenly were World Series Champions by winning the game 6-2, and we started hearing fireworks in our neighborhood!

That was on Wednesday, and on Saturday – yesterday – there was a victory parade along Constitution Avenue by the National Mall. There were thousands of people there and a sea of red caps and t-shirts in every direction you looked. Then the buses with the players came, and we even got to see the trophy! What a day!

The Bullpen by the Nationals Park on the night of Game 5



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