Fun fact: People in DC use flipflops when it rains

I’m starting a miniseries of details I’ve noticed and small things I’ve learned during my time in DC. This is just a silly thing I noticed when going to work one morning, and in the afternoon when I left work I really understood why so many people do it here!

DC in the summer is very, extremely humid. This also means it can rain quite a lot. So far the weather has been very good, but there have been some smaller storms and some heavy rains.

One night there was such an intensive thunder storm that the sky rumbled every 20 seconds, I’ve never experienced anything like it before. And quite soon it started pouring down. The streets flooded, and when I got home my flats where filled of water and so thoroughly wet, it took them three days to dry.

So what do especially the women in DC do?

They go to work in flipflops.

When the weather reports warn of rain, they put on their flipflops, and change to nicer shoes once at work. This way it doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats and dogs when you leave work, because your flipflops won’t get ruined by the rain. Smart! It looks kind of funny though when someone wearing a very formal dress or pantsuit walks around town in flipflops, but hey, it’s practical!


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