Georgetown, Neil Patrick Harris, the Zoo, and a house meeting

So, what have I’ve been up to these past few weeks, except working?

Well, a few weeks ago I was down with the flu, and had to s spend way too much time under the duvet. That sucked, and felt like a waste of time when the weather was beautiful and I had to spend all my free time inside… The day before the whole flu episode started, I however had time to visit the United States Botanic Garden. To be honest, it wasn’t that spectacular – partly because the blooming season is over, I suspect – but it was a nice visit anyway.

When I finally could start doing fun stuff again I met up with some friends and visited Georgetown, the pretty neighborhood in the western part of DC, home to Georgetown University. There is also a nice waterfront area and many small and quirky shops to check out. I’ll definitely go back there for more exploring!

Georgetown Waterfront

Last week I also went to a book publishing event featuring a discussion with the author. The book is called The Magic Misfits: The Minor Third, and its the third book in a New York Times bestseller series, which I had never heard of before. And who is the author, you ask? Neil Patrick Harris! 

The event was organized at the Library of Congress as part of an event series called The National Book Festival Presents. I randomly happened to stumble upon the event on Facebook and managed to get a free ticket before they were all booked. As it was a free event having a ticket did not guarantee a seat in the hall, however, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out before I got there. But I ended up getting a seat on the 7th row!

It was a fun event and it felt kind of unreal to be sitting there watching someone you’ve seen on TV hundreds of times. A cool experience!

Neil Patrick Harris at the book event at Library of Congress

On the weekend some friends and I got together and visited the third Smithsonian institution I’ve now been to: the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. I’ve already visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the National Air and Space Museum the first time I was in DC a year and a half ago. The great thing about the Smithsonian museums is that they are all free! This is quite a contrast to other museums and attractions around the country. After the zoo we continued the evening strolling around in Adams Morgan, a pretty neighborhood nearby with a lot colorful restaurants and bars.

The week ended with a house meeting. What is that? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like – we got together with all my roommates to discuss house stuff, such as garbage days (in DC the garbage is collected every Monday and Thursday, and we need to roll out the garbage cans to the sidewalk the evening before, and roll them back in by 8 pm the following day). This was also the first time all five of us actually were in the same room together! Three of us have been living together for a month and we’ve had time to hang out before, but the other two moved in only two weeks ago. As everyone is quite busy with work we haven’t really bumped into each other, unless hurried morning greetings in the kitchen count. So, it was nice to hang out all together, play some board games – and yes, discuss garbage.


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