Fun fact: Mosquitoes, mosquitoes everywhere

This is the third post in the Fun fact miniseries: Details I’ve noticed and small things I’ve learned during my time in DC

DC is built on a swamp. When the location of the capital was to be decided, none of the states wanted this lot of land, because of the swamp. So they gave the land away, so that the nation’s capital could be built there.

DC is also quite a green city. These things, together with the humidity in the summer, makes for an excellent breeding environment for mosquitoes. And there are a lot, a lot of mosquitoes here.

They are not only numerous, they are also tiny, vicious, blood-sucking mini vampires who strike fast as lightning. In the late afternoon or in the evening you don’t need to stand still for more than five seconds, and there will be a mosquito. Or three. A few weeks ago, a mosquito found itself into my room. I saw it, tried to kill it, and two minutes later – and I’m not kidding – I had 9 (yes, n-i-n-e) mosquito bites on my legs. Two days ago I sat down on our front steps for a couple of minutes, and I got three mosquito bites on my back and 8 on my legs. Fun fun.

So, not everything about DC is wonderful. 😀


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